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Am Azmir Mohan son of Azmir Shekhar, We use to live in Somagudam Tank Basthi, Kasipeta, Adilabad District Telangana.He had Expired When I Was 8 years old.I belong to a very poor family and I was unable to finance my studies expenses.I was forced to go for some job and took the responsibilities of my family.I stopped my studies and I worked in hotel and wineshop not only these I did Labour work on tractor Lifting Bricks and also auto Driver I am really gratified and indebted. At the Same time I liked Dance so much.Once when I was dancing in some marriage function Techno Dance Academy Hanumandla Madhu Master saw and appreciated me.Hanumandla Ravi and Boyani Ravi Master gave me wonderful opportunity to Perform in TV shows and event programmes to pursue my Dance which had given me encouragement and support to my Family.
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